Previous Update03/03/15 - Slow
That give is slow, so slow he could have been hired to develop Half-Life 3...

Seriously guys, I'm sorry for the lack of updates for the past semester >_< Got so little time for myself and also computer problems.
Well, let's talk about them: I had some serious issues with my iMac running on windows 7 (since i'm using Paint Toll SAI which isn't supported by OSX) that left me without computers for about a month >_< I had to open it again, change hardware, make a clean windows installation "again" and it's still not perfect! Yet, it's good enough so I can use drawing softwares and some games, so I'll settle with this.

Sobetween my computer problems and job (still trying to be permanently hired by my company) I had so little time to draw *sigh*

And ti's a shame, because right now I have like a dozen of sketches that just wait to be inked or coloried!

Otherwise, I have not much to say... There are not many anime I'm watching lately, the season is kinda lame... apart Shirobako, which is quite a suprising underdog: nice character, interesting pitch, and quite some dedication into it. And it's even more enjoyable when you have a job. The other anime I'm watching lately is Log Horizon since its season 2 is gonna end soon. Defenitely better than Sword Art Online!

Not much else to say for now... Just hoping I owuldn't take a new semester to do some updates!

For now, please enjoy those two pics:


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