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Redhair Torso (13/04/13)
Sariel MacArthur was doing well. At age 25 she was a published, successful author of fiction, with an ongoing science fiction series spanning three books to date, plus a crime thriller/mystery novel. She was rich, and getting to be famous, and for the moment at least, she was enjoying life. But there was a price for all this affluence and success. With her time almost entirely taken up with press events, public appearances, writing, and advertising deals, her personal life was...well...not very personal for one, but it also meant that there was no time for a relationship. One night stands would damage her reputation, and possibly her career, so she couldn't afford to indulge in them, and with those out of the question, and a relationship impossible due to workload, Sariel, for the last couple months, had been getting gradually more and more lonely.

On one fateful day, Sariel's life changed yet again, in ways no one could have predicted. To explain, first you will need to be made aware of a secret. A secret criminal enterprise, dealing in exotic women. Perhaps that doesn't sound so unusual after all, but exotic here is meant in an unconventional fashion. Using a type of technology known as 'nanobots' certain women, usually volunteers, are altered at the genetic level, and 'trained' becoming limbless bedmates for wealthy clients, often nicknamed 'pillow girls'. One such operative, for one such client, pretending to be a journalist, drugged Sariel and took her to the hidden 'training house' she maintained for exactly this purpose. One particularly rich client had discovered that he got a rush from faking the evidence of the conversion being a long time fantasy of his victims, and their consent forms. If he could have even unwilling subjects, he could have anyone, and the power was intoxicating for him. Sariel was simply the next on the list.

And so it was, that Sariel woke up in the training house, face to face with the supposed 'journalist', naked, and completely limbless, with not even scars to show where her arms and legs had been. For weeks, she was 'trained' by her captor, taught to give and receive pleasure like no other possibly could, but her repeated insistence that she had not volunteered, and wanted to be restored and released, eventually led the operative, Zeta, to double check the paperwork. Secretly, Zeta had been growing attached to Sariel and considering keeping her for her own private use, and this clinched the deal. Zeta exposed the 'rogue' client's operations, and managed to avoid a prison sentence herself for her co-operation. However, it had been too long for Sariel, and she was now stuck in her new, limbless body. She confessed that she had developed feelings for Zeta, and the two have been in a relationship since, but an open one.

Now Sariel is back in the public eye, ready to resume her career thanks to some expensive voice-to-text dictation software, but she has quickly found that the training has had an effect. She now craves sex most of the time, and not just with Zeta. Anytime she sees a big, strong man, or a beautiful woman, her head is filled with desires...


Trust me, she really has fun in the 3rd image!

Anyway, I love doing before/after pictures. Besides, it shows how reduced she is now that she is only a torso. Her transformation wasn't only limb-centered: her hair got even more red, and her breasts got a small upgrade too.

Oh well, as long as she likes her new shape! ^^

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